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Full Version: All Malaysian flying schools aircraft textures
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Is there any to download? or anyone creative enough to create? :neutral:

Aboh Aviation Ltd


[Image: APFT-1_resize.jpg]

[Image: APFT_resize.jpg]

Malaysian Flying Academy Traffic Pack V3

[Image: MFA1.jpg]

[Image: MFA2.jpg]

will be informed later when download link available
Taxiway Charlie untuk Sultan Ismail Petra Airport!!
sblom ni takde...skang ni dah ada
Tak sabar nya nak fly macam real cadet
Pergh..I've been searching for the Eagle 150B..Hope you will post the link soon..Cant wait..huhu :^^:

Aboh Aviation Ltd

susah nak bagi link kat sini.. sebab bende adalah rework from default meaning that you have to add something on and the picture wasn't mine, I have to get approval from owner to publish the download link.. but nevermind I got your PM. I will be with you soon.
LOL aboh..dont me forget aaa..dididid Tongue especially those RMAF one..kih3

Aboh Aviation Ltd

[Image: screenshot176copy.jpg]
download link upon request only...

[Image: Cirrus_resize-1.jpg]

[Image: Cirrus-7_resize.jpg]

[Image: Cirrus-8_resize.jpg]

[Image: Cirrus-3_resize.jpg]
haloo Aboh..can u pm me the link please..
wow!!!!!!!!!! amazingg!! try to search this texture long time ago..nice!!! Wink Wink
helo Aboh.. can u please PM to me the download link...
Is it for FSX or FS2004?
and how to install it??
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