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Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Interview Progress - Honey Bear - 01-23-2011 09:06 PM

First of all, I would like to say thank you to those who shared their interview experience here.

d_issey Wrote:Hi all...just to share with you i have passed all the interviews today....YaY!
Seriously, it was really tiring! My session started at 945am and i only get to leave the hotel around 645pm!

Let me be kind enough to share with you my experience here:

1) Briefing- career talk with slide show. My 845am slot consisted quite alot of ppl...over 50-80 i guess.

2) Arm reach test- the target is 208cm...Majority of the people able to pass this stage. For those who is not tall are allowed to stretch long you can hold for at least 5 seconds Smile

3) Group discussion- we were then divided into groups. My group consisted of 13 ppl! with a mix of guys and gals. However, we were then further divided into smaller groups within that 13 ppl to be worked as a team. A specific topic is given for the 3 groups. Each of us need to share our thoughts after a while of short discussion. My topic is about Destination and Routes. Yellow card is given at the end- to know if you will continue to stay or to wait 2week for results. 5 ppl have been selected in my group.

4) 2nd group discussion- first group discussion ended at around 12. But the second group discussion is actually 3pm! We went out for lunch and to relax abit Smile This stage, we were divided into groups again. Different team members this time. My team consisted of 11 ppl....then located into another small room. Again- further divided into 2 groups for a round of debate! My team is to debate about Sports.
We need to work together to discuss the points and each person need to share their thoughts. At the end, only 4 ppl have been selected to proceed to next stage. Lucky to say- i'm of one them hehe.

5) English Assestment test- There are 2 parts. One is answering questions. Second one is listening test.
I have to say i have no patient when come to this test! Time is not enough...and it is kind of tough for me. Not sure about you guys....perhaps your english is superb? Smile

Once you are done with the test- You can go home already. Just remember to take the yellow card you have received in 2nd group session for your next interview (1-1). Mine will be on 28th, 8am as stated on the card.

Orite....i think i have been talking too much. Guess im to excited to share with you my experience and some tips with you. All i can say confident! Dont need to think of the best answer, so long you have a justifiable answer with confidence. Dont forget to smile too!

That's all from now...all the best and good luck for the candidates tomorrow onwards.


Yen Wrote:Hi all,
actually the 1st group discussion is just like the presentation at ur school, but the topic might be change i think. cos there still have lots of paper inside the folder, we r onnly required to discuss about the front page. mine is the accommodation as well. try to speak out loud, then will be fine. Smile
the second one will be more like debate, debate about some issues that might be happen around us or even in the society. nothing to be scare, cos all of this you will be working together with ur teammate, just show the team spirit. state out the point clearly with some explanation. each person will have an equal chance to talk, 1 min. stay calm will earn u a chance. Wink

lastly, will be the english test, go inside a room, face the laptop, start answer. answer as fast as you can cos there will be time counting. that's it.

felina, which session r u having for the 27th interview? mine is on 8.45am. maybe we can have a talk before we go in. =)

felina Wrote:Hey all, sorry for letting u guys to wait...
Thanks god!!! Me and minnymartini have successfully gone through!!! Now waiting for the final one to one interview on 27th Jan.
The process:
1) register
2) career talk
3) arm reach test (proceed only if you pass)
4) first group discussion (proceed only if you pass)
5) second group discussion (proceed only if you pass)
6) English assessment
7) final one to one interview (proceed only if you pass)
8) medical check up
9) congratulation! You are now a flight attendant!!!

Re: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Interview Progress - xandra - 01-24-2011 01:25 PM

the final interview they required alot of documents, such as reference letter and so on..
reference letter is it a must? how if we didn't bring it?

Re: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Interview Progress - anthony1986 - 01-26-2011 11:27 PM

then u wont b able to enter the final round....jus bring a testimonial la....

Re: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Interview Progress - sykoh12 - 01-27-2011 04:36 PM

i don't have the reference letter as izzit compulsory?

Re: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Interview Progress - nigelboi - 01-27-2011 10:13 PM

School Testimonial izzit possible ?

Re: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Interview Progress - POPOLO - 03-11-2011 02:42 PM

Hi folks,

I am a new member, i just had Cathay interviews last week, on Friday. Well, unfortunately the MA system was broken and seems like most of us have to wait for them to call within 6 weeks. Till now, I still haven't receive any. Do anyone know is that mean I am not succeeded ? And is there a re-interview for those candidates who failed the first final ?

Thanks a lot!

Re: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Interview Progress - madeleines - 04-07-2011 12:40 AM

CX have any open interview recently???

Re: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Interview Progress - Egzlita - 05-13-2011 12:23 AM

Hi guys,
I'm a new member here.

I also went to CX interview today, nag thx God I got the yellow for the next (1-1) interview, mine will be on 17th may.

And also for u guys who r worried about the reference letter, don't worry if u don't have one. Cz the reference letter should be from the company that u work for now. If u haven't been working anywhere before, just like Tongue then u don't have to worry, just drop it! Just bring another documents that u have.

Thanks Smile

Re: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Interview Progress - bar_tj_91 - 05-20-2011 12:39 AM

hi Egzlita,,
i'm new member 2

anyway how ur 1-1 interview going?
i've got same day of interview with u actuaally,,
where u been now?? malaysia?

Re: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Interview Progress - leigh - 01-24-2012 12:45 AM

Hi, I just got accepted by Cathay.

I have a question about the background check.

Do they actually call your current office?
because I haven't talked about attending the recruitment and I'm gonna get in
big trouble if they notice about it...
so I was wondering