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Battle Scenes
01-30-2014, 09:05 PM
Post: #1
I do understand how some people prefer aerial combat paintings.

So to answer a question asked yesterday, "Why don't you paint aerial combat?"

My motivation comes from the sleek designs the aeronautical engineers have invented. The quest for speed, and agility are inherently fused with that goal.

Including myself, I would say "the pilots get all the glory". My dad never glorified war; in fact he never would speak of his service in WWII. The one and only answer I did get from him as a child was, "War is a terrible thing."

It reminds me of a reunion between a Japanese pilot and his American counterpart. When parting, the former stated to the latter, "I will never kill another living thing."

I prefer to view the wonders of aviation technology, as a means to a justified end, for those who must defend their society from ruthless tyrants.

So my art is more of a tribute to those who designed, manufactured, tested, and flew these arial marvels towards a justified cause.

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