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[BETA] One-click register using Facebook Connect
08-05-2009, 12:01 AM
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Hey guys, I have just implemented Facebook Connect on Fly Lah!

For existing Fly Lah! members, you can now link your Fly Lah! account with your Facebook account. By linking both the said accounts, you can login to Fly Lah! in just one click, on the "Facebook Connect" button, provided you have already login to Facebook beforehand.

To link your existing accounts:
  1. Logout from Fly Lah!
  2. Click on the "Facebook Connect" button, which is located both on the login page and above the chatbox on the forum index
  3. Link your Facebook account to your existing Fly Lah! account
  4. Done

For non Fly Lah! members, you can now join us by registering an account on Fly Lah! in just one click. Just simply click on the "Facebook Connect" button, select a username (or use your Facebook username) and you're good to go! No email confirmation no nothing.

Let your aviation enthusiast friends on Facebook know about this, so that they can too join us here on Fly Lah! without the hassle of registering an account from scratch.

This is still in beta test, so feel free to start a thread at the Helpdesk if you detected any bug. Have fun Smile

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