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How to become a Licensed Engineer? AME
04-20-2015, 12:53 AM
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How to become a Licensed Engineer?
  • The diploma and degree certificate wont help you more to become a LAE.
  • There are many type of license, mostly in Malaysia we recognize EASA or DCAM.
  • To get start you need a license as a trainee, that is EASA Part 66 or DCAM Part 66. It is an online test, you finish it by self study or with academy center.
  • The Purpose of logbook- this document is to be used by Engineers as a record of the individual's employment history, experience and qualifiactions and can be used to confirm technical competency when applying for a licence, examination or seeking employment. This logbook need to obtain authorized approval stamp from Licensed Aircraft Engineer.
  • If you get the Part 66 license by self study or not in the correct academy center(not EASA Part 147 or DCAM ), you need 5 years of OJT only can unfreeze you trainee license. It is hard to get a place for OJT because most airline don't like trainee, the Airline see trainee as a risk. You need to pay for working with them.

This is the basic map I know about this field, please correct me. Thank you.
By the way, the one who is married and 27 years old is another guys but not me. Yes, I am 27, but I am single.
04-22-2015, 10:49 PM
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Not spot on correct but that's the 'picture'..

Real planes have propellers!

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