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One Six Right:The Romance of Flying
02-01-2011, 01:41 PM
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[Image: onesixrightpostermedium.jpg]

[Image: 15580801.jpg]


*somehow...i cant get the youtube link work here~

About This Film

One Six Right is an exhilarating documentary film that celebrates the unsung hero of aviation - the local airport. Featuring thrilling aerial photography and a sweeping original score, the film dispels common misconceptions and opposes criticism of General Aviation airports. Through the love story of one airport, past to present, the film shares the timeless romance of flying with all ages.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One Six Right: The Romance of Flying is an independent film about the general aviation industry as seen through a local airport. Within a short period of time, it has achieved a passionate following and presence among pilots and aviation enthusiasts worldwide who see the film as being able to communicate their passion for aviation.Concurrently, the film has garnered both local and national political attention in the United States as an accurate depiction of general aviation and its important contributions to all aviation industries worldwide. Within the entertainment industry, the film has attracted the sponsorship and support of many large media companies, including Apple Inc.,Sony Electronics,Toshiba, Technicolor, Bose, and Dolby, as pioneering new standards in high definition (HD) film making and distribution.

Official synopsis

One Six Right looks at the unsung hero of aviation—the local airport—through the life, history and struggle of an airport icon: Southern California's Van Nuys Airport. Through aerial sequences and stories told by passionate pilots, air traffic controllers, historians and flight enthusiasts, including well-known faces such as Sydney Pollack, Lorenzo Lamas, Paul Moyer, Hal Fishman, Desiree Horton and many others. The film uncovers the history of the airport where Amelia Earhart broke a world speed record over its runways, and where Marilyn Monroe was discovered while working in its hangars; scenes from Casablanca were filmed on the grounds.

A historical perspective of primitive airplanes from the 1920s to the state-of-the-art business jets of today frames appreciation for the significance of all general aviation airports as a critical component of the communities they serve. Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, VNY is today the world's busiest general aviation airport and contributes over $1 billion each year to the southern California economy.

One Six Right explores common misconceptions about general aviation airports, which are often criticized for noise pollution and viewed as exclusive playgrounds for the rich. The film creates an awareness of the threat to these community airports through staggering statistics of airports that no longer exist, and the rapid rate at which they are continuing to close: one per week in the U.S. These smaller and often forgotten airports are the foundation of the aviation industry, contributing to global commerce and the breeding ground of the pilots of tomorrow.

Official website:
02-14-2011, 12:31 PM
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Here's the video Wink

search button is at top right
03-17-2013, 12:49 AM
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Halamak... this sounds so full with knowledge and useful info as well as inspiring !!!!

02-19-2014, 07:27 PM
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It is wonderful scene of landing of airplane. I like it.

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