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Query Regarding VOR.
03-12-2013, 01:58 PM
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guy , i need all of ur help regarding the VOR =Very High frequency omnidirectional radio range. I have difficulties to center the CDI during my MFSX sim using Cessna 172p. lets say i i set the OBS to 030 degree and the CDI is deflected fully to the right ( my plane is too far left from the course) and the VOR's arrow is showing "TO" , as we have no idea our plane's heading,we try to bend right to approach the desire course but i have a hard time to get the CDI to be centered and direct my plane on the 030 degree course . .any strategic or knowledge that i lack off making me hard to intersect my course and how much i need to bend my plane in order to intersect the course? any advice from all of you regarding my situation. Thanks
08-20-2013, 04:33 PM
Post: #2
assuming u are tracking towards the beacon on radial 030, and with the needle fully right, turn right maybe 45 degrees or 60 degrees depending how fast u want to intercept it then as the needle start to move towards the center u can either reduce your interception angle (60 to 45 to 30) or maintain your interception angle.then when say have the dot or 1 dot depending on how fast its moving, start turning to your desired radial heading,(in this case 030) and voila you are on radial 030, homing towards the beacon

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