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Your favorite movie ?
03-09-2013, 11:39 AM
Post: #1
Haaa... just like the title says. Let's spazz bout our favorite movies here...*random*

Mine would be TRON ! I watched it over and over again and it was so cool. My goshhhh~~~

[Image: tron-legacy.jpg]

#This movie strangely ( but true ) makes me have courage to ride a motorcyle... if only you know how I actually menunggang, you will laugh. LOL
And I love the OST cuz it makes the movie even strong and awesome. Plus all the talks about THE GRID blablabla... I feel like entering this world wehh.

[Image: 425px-Gantz-p1.jpg]

#Come on man... you will be such a liar if you tell me you're not interested in getting the Gantz costume/uniform. It isn't just uniform. It's superpower uniform. COOOOOOOLLLLLLL gile! :><.:
And I like the storyline too. It's about a different dimension world where they had to fight for their lives and the story is confusing and takes longer to explain but you watch the trailer la then you know

[Image: Battle_royale.jpg]

#Oh my this is the only movie that has gruesome act but I 'can' watch. You see, I'm not a fan of bloody film but BR is exception. I like it so much that I collected all movies and re-watch over and over again but if someone offer me a chance to join this kind of game, my answer would be -> ARE YOU CRAZY? NO!!!
hehehe... it's also about fighting to survive and striving for life. Even if you need to kill your own friend

I haven't watch Hunger Games but they said it's a cool movie too... and I haven't watch FLIGHT too. Aishhhh I'm so late. But I remember when I was young, I watched a few movie on TV but didn't recall the title. About three or four movie is about pilot and aircraft. One of it was when the pilot accidentally crossed Bermuda so they entering crazy dimension world and it was so awesome when they need to find a way to return back but have no idea where and how to do but at the same time need to survive the fuel. Damn cool !
The other one if about a hijacked plane where the terrorist killed the pilot and several passengers but once the terrorist being caught ( long haul flight with slight damage in the system ) , no one handle the plane. They had no choice but too control it ( I mean the passenger ) since no one has knowledge so one of the young kid there who is expert in playing simulator games actually handle it... cool gile!!! those passengers had no choice and let the kid handle the aircraft until it land safely. It was really intriguing and make us feel uneasy weh... super super cool... I want to watch that again :><:

So how bout you?~ :Big Grin:

03-09-2013, 04:38 PM
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my favourite movie ar?

hrm.... actually saya pun tak tau whether the movie (that I watch) is my favourite... but kalau series,

1. Prison Break S1-S4 + The Final Break
[spoiler][Image: prison-break.jpg][/spoiler]
2. Air Crash Investigation S1-S12
[spoiler][Image: 53012381.jpg][/spoiler]
3. CSI (all season)
[spoiler][Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjf9O2lql4ayZo6vGTQ5J...SZZPWQQNzA][/spoiler]
4. Good Luck (Japan Series)

OK kalau movie, ada sikit kot.

1. Killers
[spoiler][Image: killers_ver4.jpg][/spoiler]
2. Transformer Film Series

kalau ada yang lain update lain...haha

-- Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:21 pm --

forgot to include, Taken and Taken 2<br /><br />-- Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:30 pm --<br /><br />that bermuda, the movie called, langoliers
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
[Image: 1291703.jpg]

the second one, the terrorist or snake? the way you tell the story like snake on the plane.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT29ZQxijzZk1ZRh_d2Oao...ffMNM8TxJO]

upside down
03-10-2013, 12:18 PM
Post: #3
No snakes laaa... it's all bad human so I doubt it's a Snake On The Plane. Plus, I'm not really a fan of movie that has animal in it. hehehehehehehehe Big Grin

Walao you really like Prison Break ehhh?

03-10-2013, 12:59 PM
Post: #4
owh really... ok... yeah i'm really like prison break... tgk ulang2 pun x bosan for me...

what about the langoliers? is it correct?

upside down
03-10-2013, 01:28 PM
Post: #5
tak pernah tengok pun langolier tu. haha
Prison break I did watch one or two episodes KOT. Kisah adik bradik right??

I love Vampire Diaries Tongue

03-10-2013, 09:16 PM
Post: #6
Mir_Mira Wrote:tak pernah tengok pun langolier tu. haha
Prison break I did watch one or two episodes KOT. Kisah adik bradik right??

I love Vampire Diaries Tongue
adik beradik is the minor plot... the title already tell the story... its the story about breaking out of the prison.... to save his (michael scofield) a structural engineer brother, (lincoln burrows). then he started to plan...

upside down
03-10-2013, 11:35 PM
Post: #7
walao... sounds so complicated ^^;

I've never seen someone who is so into this series. I know Hollywood produces lots and lots of series but this one is COOL rite? heheh

03-11-2013, 09:39 AM
Post: #8
yup very super duper fantastic put more awesone word here cool

besides Prison Break, I also like Merlin, Kyle XY.... I'm more to action film series (die hard, etc.) and TV series...

the walking dead? baru nk berjinak tgk...

upside down
03-11-2013, 03:00 PM
Post: #9

nuff said. heh

The sky has no limits.
So were you =)
03-11-2013, 04:00 PM
Post: #10
yeah die hard is true action movie... love it too...

upside down

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